A gracious gift

Fresh, organic eggs from the farmer's market

A few days ago a wonderful friend not only took my kids for the afternoon, but she also brough them back (I didn’t have to go pick them up) and she came bearing a gift.  This gift was twelve wonderful, organic eggs fresh from the farmer’s market. They looked so pretty I took a picture of them, prior to cracking some of them open.

I showed my daughter the difference between the organic eggs and a store-bought one. The organic eggs have sturdy, healthy shells and durable, strong membranes compared to the fragile, thin shells produced by those unfortunate birds in the egg farms.

l would love to raise chickens like I did when I was a teenager. We had a small farm with about 6-7 cows, a few pigs, some goats, sheep, and various fowl, including a flock of about 15 chickens.  There is a place in our backyard which would be ideal. It was a dog kennel which could easily be converted into a chicken run, spacious enough to house 4 -5 chickens comfortably.  Unfortunately, our city ordinance does not allow us to have chickens, and so this is a moot point.

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