Granny Square Blanket # 1

It took me a little over a year but Missy’s blanket is complete. I guess I should count the squares, I have no idea how many there are. We used Carons’ Simply Soft in the following colors: Pistachio (Green), Off White, Sunshine Yellow, Plum Wine, and Persimmony.

I had five or six main square designs and kept repeating them. Then everything was outlined with white and crocheted together.

Missy is twelve now, and her days at home are numbered. Before I am ready for it, she will be leaving home to find her own path through this world and I wanted her to have something she could hug and cover herself with on those days when my arms won’t be there to comfort her.

I am now working on a masculine looking blanket for my son. He is only 6½, so I still have some time to hug him. My kids are both cuddlers, which makes my life all the sunnier.

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