Do you love to grill?

We love to grill. We grill until it gets too cold to grill. I know there are those intrepid souls who go out to grill even during raging blizzards, but for some reason my grill can’t muster up enough BTU’s to grill a steak in 20 minutes when it’s freezing out. And even if it did, by the time I make it back into the house with the cooked food, it would be cold. Besides, it is I, yes, me, moi, the lady of the house, who does the grilling and I refuse to cook out while freezing my tushie off so the varmints and lazy bum husband can have steak.

Come spring though, we clean the grill at the first sign of consistent day time highs in the fifties and cook out. We love to grill anything really, seafood, beef, pork, chicken, and vegetables.



Not for several more weeks.

This is what our backyard looked like a few days ago.

I love the simplicity of slapping some meat on the grill and serving some grilled veggies with it, or a salad. Add a simple side of grilled potatoes or some heated through, crunchy baguette and you have a silent, happily munching crew at the table. Yes, Ma’am!

Here is one of my favorite shortcut meal ideas.  It is healthier than eating out when you are short on time, it is quick and lots and lots cheaper than resorting once again to take-out.  I have converted a good friend from eating out due to time constraints to doing it this way. Of course this works only if you have sufficient freezer space. If you can barely fit in your ice cream you need to either go through it and throw away the stuff from 1978, or buy a new one. I am a fine one to talk… my husband froze one of his DECEASED ‘Frontosa’ Cichlids because he meant to bury it rather than throw it in the trash. They are too big to be flushed.  That was in July…..

We are still waiting for the coroner to release said deceased loved one for burial.

Buy 2-4  whole chickens.
Cut them apart if you know how. Otherwise buy a chicken already cut apart. Or ask if your butcher will do it for you. I can cut and skin a whole bird in under 5 minutes. So for me it’s quick and cheap.
Make or buy whatever marinades you and your family enjoy.
Label ziplock bags with the flavor. Use a permanent marker.
Now, in each ziplock bag add the number of pieces of chicken your family will eat in one meal, add the correct marinade.
Close the bag pressing out air as you go. Move the chicken pieces around to coat with the marinade and freeze.

The secret here is that the chicken marinades as it freezes and then again when it thaws.  In summer, I can easily quick thaw a bag of chicken and a few hours later enjoy a flavorful meal.

You can do this also with other kinds of meats, like pork or beef for example. I advise against long term marinating seafood as it messes with the texture of the fish as well as the safety aspect.

Always cook your meat until cooked through to be on the safe side.

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