Archie! DOWN!!!

Archie is an Airedale Terrier. This, the largest of the terrier breeds, has also been called the ‘King of the Terriers.’ Archie is almost eleven months old and I am yet to see the dignified, regal behavior one would hope to get from a monarch.

So much for that.

Instead it’s a continuous litany of:  
‘Archie, No!’
‘Archie, No Bite!’
‘Archie, get off the sofa!’
‘Archie, drop that, NOW!’
‘Archie, No humping!’
‘Archie, gerroutofherenowbeforeIkillyou!’
etc, ad nauseam

punctuated by ‘damned dog’, ‘I hate that dog’ and ‘that dog will be the death of me’ etc.

The only reason he is still alive is the fact that he is good-looking, cute, in an entirely goofy sort of way, and bloody expensive.

There. That about sums it up.

So, when my twelve-year-old (who was setting me up with a WordPress account) asked me what I wanted to call it, guess what Archie, the Airehead was doing at that moment?

You got it!

‘Archie… DOWN!’ I yelled

and then I told her to make that the title.

It seems to sum up our family just fine.

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